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Places Through Time  Living History and Myra Reichart                               

“You really do bring history to life!”                    Sallie Rihn, Community Outreach Coordinator Lititz Public Library

                                                                               “…you transformed a school large group room into an 1860’s town just by                                                                                      your descriptive monologue. …you were able to keep approximately 150                                                                                      middle schoolers, average age 13, fascinated (and quiet!) for 90 minutes ...                                                                                     amazing!”                    Catherine Trask, Grade 8 English teacher

                                                                              “…programs like yours are greatly valuable to the community. …I  truly                                                                                          appreciate the heart and passion you put into your program.”
                                                                                                                              Jessica Nupponen, Community Events Coordinator
                                                                                                                              Cleve J. Fredricksen Library

                                                                              “…enlightening, engaging, and entertaining! A great program for                                                                                                          adults and children.”
                                                                           Visitors to the Rupp House History Center 
                                                                           Friends of Gettysburg


“What a wonderful program you put on for the Delta Gamma Blind project. I am in awe of your ability to do it without notes.”                                          Jackie Richardson, Delta Gamma Alumni Association

 “I studied the Battle of Gettysburg in high school. I read books and articles about it, and I even watched the movie, ‘Gettysburg.’ However, nothing compares to your personally guided tour. …Because you tailored you presentation to fit all ages, you allowed Griffey and Jamie to gain knowledge they will never forget. Jaime says she will base her fifth grade written report about the Civil War and the battle. As for Griffey, just yesterday I overheard him ask a friend, ‘Do you know how old a drummer boy was at the battle of Gettysburg?’ Thank you for a wonderful day.”
                                  Janice and Vern Toyoda, Puyallup, Washington

"You have a special gift to make history come alive.  Dan Marshall, retired teacher