Victorian Etiquette 
The Language of Fans and Parasols  Audiences will participate in a lighthearted look at the forgotten 19th century art of silent communication and flirtation using fans and parasols. Ladies: Bring your fan or borrow one of ours, and you'll learn hiw to communicate your most private thoughts to the gentleman of your choosing while carefully maintaining those all important conventions that soceity requires. Lots of fun and definitely interactive .
From Tussie Mussies to Fans and Parasols  This program combines the arts of silent flirtation with a demonstration of Victorian floriography or the language of flowers. You'll learn the history of this gentle art, what the flowers means and how they were used to convey messages to that special someone. No proper 19th century lady or gentleman can do without it!

Tussie Mussie Workshop  (small group only)  In this hands-on program, participants will not only learn the history of the Victorian flower language, but they will also make their own tussie mussie - either to keep or to send to that special someone.
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All Things Victorian  Learn the ins and outs, the do's and don'ts of Victorian etiquette - from fans and parasols to ballroom dress and the rules of behavior to the mourning customs of the day - absolutely essential for every well-bred lady and gentleman. An interesting program that explores the proprieties and behaviors - the strictures of the "polite" society of a bygone era.