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Women in the Civil War

Angels of the Battlefield  Somewhere between 3,000 and 8,000 women, North and South, volunteered their services as nurses throughout the duration of the Civil War. They experienced at first hand the grim constants of war and provided invaluable aid to the sick and wounded soldiers and medical authorities on either side. Because of the cultural and moral constraints of the day, nursing was considered men’s work and many of the women who took up the call to care for the wounded remain almost anonymous. Yet, we do know that their work was greatly appreciated by the men they cared for. These “angels of the battlefield” forever after lived in the hearts of the veterans they nursed with such tender care.

Civil War Women: At Home and in the Field  During the Civil War, women increasingly assumed pivotal roles in the family and society in general. As the war dragged on, these new roles began to change dramatically. With fewer and fewer husbands, fathers , sons or brothers at home, women had to step out of their traditional place in society and yet still manage to maintain the well-defined role of mother or daughter that mid-nineteenth America required of them. Some women even began to demand their rights to take part in the national struggle. Despite the societal rules which reigned over their lives, they took themselves to a place women had never before gone and thus, left their marks on American history. We'll look at these women and hear their words both at home and on the field of battle.