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Experience the Civil War in a way you never imagined

The Gettysburg Series
We believed they would never come  When the armies marched away from Gettysburg in July 1863, they left behind a community in shambles and more than 51,000 killed, wounded and missing soldiers. The little town of 2,400 had been changed forever. Experience this most pivotal battle of America’s Civil War as you walk in the footsteps of the Gettysburg civilians. Hear their thoughts and words. Share the experience of the people whose once beautiful town became a hotly contested battlefield. 
Remembering Mr. Lincoln More than four months had passed since the armies had marched away from Gettysburg. The very fabric of the little community had been rent asunder—the lives of its citizens changed forever. November 1863 would bring a time for remembering and reflecting, for rededication and yes, even for celebrating. The President was coming to town! Join the citizens of Gettysburg as, amid their struggle to rebuild their shattered community and survive the coming winter, they pause to welcome the President and dedicate a cemetery to their fallen heroes. 
A Dinner Conversation Why not maximize your time in Gettysburg with a dinner (or other mealtime) program designed to make the civilian experience come alive? I will join you for a meal at a place of your choosing for a "conversation with a Gettysburg civilian." Whether a a restaurant, your campsite or any location of your choosing, you'll be able to speak to and question someone who was there, No matter if you are a tour group or a small family, this first person experience is not to be missed.